What is ‘Vegan Tweed’?

Vegan and tweed, not two words you would necessarily expect to see together. Does it exist? What is it made out of? Is it just as fashionable (or not as fashionable) as regular tweed? When I searched “vegan tweed” through multiple search engines, nothing really popped up. I don’t want to buy anything made out of wool so I was searching intently. After I began to do some more creative research, I found out that vegan tweed DOES exist (just not exclusively under that title).

So where to find this mysterious tweed material? Say you’re looking for a tweed blazer. You can start by searching for these words in a search engine:

-Cotton tweed blazer
-Acrylic tweed blazer
-Nylon tweed blazer
-Polyester tweed blazer

I personally found the bulk of my vegan tweed blazers and skirts while thrifting. It may not be conventional, but I found a lot of really cute, professional clothing this way and it was dirt cheap! Always look at the tags to make sure there are no sneaky animal materials. Below are some pictures of tags on tweed items I own:

Hope you find the perfect ‘vegan tweed’ piece you’re looking for!

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  • Hello ,

    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

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    • Hi Wiki,

      Thanks for checking out my blog! I currently do not have a newsletter but I’m working on it. Check back soon for a way to sign up. I plan to start sending out newsletters once I have more readers. Also, I followed your cats on insta! One can never follow too many animal accounts šŸ™‚ -Vanessa

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