Affordable Vegan Shoes That Give Back

So, let me start this post by stating that I could care less about name brands. I care a lot about the price, materials, eco-friendliness and design of products, but not the brand. I don’t need to own a hundred pairs of shoes, but I would like to own shoes that feel good and look good with my outfits. After much searching for comfortable, vegan flats, I think I’ve found my go-to (considering I already own three pairs).

I honestly never thought, as an adult, that I would endorse something made by Skechers, but here I am, loving my BOBS from Skechers.

BOBS not only come in a variety of styles but they also have removable memory foam inside the shoes. I have tried on a couple of different styles (Plush, Plush Lite, etc.) and notice that the fit is true to size. Here’s the best part, purchasing BOBS helps Skechers donate millions of dollars to Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill organization that is dedicated to saving dogs and cats in animal shelters. BOBS from Skechers mission used to be about giving children affected by poverty new shoes. Sound familiar? I would definitely say it was a TOMS rip-off, so I’m glad they rebranded themselves with a new, clear mission.

“But isn’t it still like TOMS?” Well yes and no. The design on the outside could be mistaken for TOMS, with its slip-on design and logo in the back. I’ve worn both and in my opinion, BOBS are so much comfier. They are also around $10 cheaper (or more). One thing that’s important to mention: not all BOBS are vegan. Day 2 Nite, for example, is unfortunately produced with real suede (what the heck, Skechers). Other than that sad fact, the other styles have been made with the conscious consumer in mind. I have bought pairs directly from Skechers but I have also purchased a pair off Amazon, where some styles can be found significantly cheaper. Do your own research and let me know your favorite pair of vegan shoes!

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