Primal Life Organics Natural Deodorant (Review)

I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t had any luck with natural deodorants in the past. In fact, I’ve only been met with misfortune. I’ve been left with angry, red rashes all across my armpits, discoloration in the form of spots, and even the dreaded darkening (which eventually reversed). At one point, all three from a natural deodorant! Yikes.

I gave my armpits a “break” from natural deo and switched back to toxic regular deodorants but it didn’t feel right. Finally, finally, I found a natural, vegan deodorant that is free from all chemicals, aluminum and toxins that works for my sensitive skin. (So far!)

Introducing: Primal Life Organics Natural Deodorant in Black Lavender

If you don’t like the smell of lavender, it comes in other scents like ‘Black Rogue’ and ‘White Coconut’. Make sure you are fond of the scent because when you start sweating this baby masks odor and releases that subtle scent into the air. Much better than the time I tried Tom’s of Maine deodorant and my boyfriend said I “smell like Earth” (I love Earth but prefer not to smell like Mother Nature). Also, the eco-friendly, no plastic packaging is something better for the Earth and worth noting.

A few other things worth noting about this deo:

-The color is NOT clear. The streak left after you swipe under your arms is a light grey residue that you must rub in to your skin if it bothers you.

-One application can last 24 hours** It survived my morning yoga routine, a typical work day and a night time barre class.

-This formula is infused with activated charcoal, which is detoxifying, but also can sadly leave a gray mark on clothing if you use too much at once.

-Unless it is ‘warmed’, it will not go on smoothly. Keeping it in a room temperature environment and letting it ‘warm up’ under my arm (which only takes a few seconds) has seemed to work best.

-It’s around $12 a stick on Amazon and, so it’s a bit pricey.

I’ve been using Primal Life Organics Natural Deodorant for two months and it’s my most successful venture into natural deodorant yet! I will keep this post updated if anything changes.


***I showered and re-applied the deodorant in between yoga and work

3 Replies to “Primal Life Organics Natural Deodorant (Review)”

  • Ooh I’m going to have to try this. The only natural deodorants I have tried haven’t been that great. I LOVE the smell of lavender though, hope this is available in the UK!

    Lon x

    • Hi Lon, I love the smell of lavender too but no luck for shipping to the UK on Amazon. Maybe on the Primal Life Organics website it’s different. I will try to post reviews in the future for readers in other countries as well 🙂

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