Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: Worth It?

I’m not a subscription box junkie, but I have to admit that subscription boxes are a “thing” now (at least they are with the newer generations). Until recently, when I thought about subscription boxes, I wondered, “what could I really be missing?”. Then one day, I saw it on my Instagram feed… an ad for a vegan subscription box. I love to support vegan companies, so, I decided “why not?” and looked at the products offered. Vegan Cuts currently offers three types of boxes: makeup, beauty and snacks. I clicked over to the beauty section to see if my skin could benefit from some vegan products’ TLC before I tried any of the other boxes.

Let me tell you… for $20 a month, I received so much more than expected. Every month I have something to look forward to in my mailbox, and every month has been better than the last. I found my new favorite (tinted) chapstick, a calming toner, a fantastic facial scrub, highlighter and so much more. All of these products are especially useful as I transition away from products that have unpronounceable chemicals and that are cruelly tested on animals. Also, there have been some makeup products in my beauty boxes, so that’s been a nice surprise.

One of the monthly beauty boxes I received!

If you don’t want to be surprised every month by different products, you can head over to and click on the ‘shop’ tab where you can buy discounted boxes and products! The price range for U.S. subscribers for the beauty box is $22.95 per month (month to month), $20 per month (6-month subscription) or $18.50 per month (12-month subscription). There are also pre-pay options that don’t automatically renew, as well as international shipping options.

Each box comes with 5 or more products, and the total retail value is $40-$60 (sometimes even more). The boxes are full of mostly full-size products and absolutely no single-use samples. As reads, it’s “the easiest way to discover cruelty-free beauty products without breaking your budget.” Love it!

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