My Favorite Cozy, Wool Free Winter Scarf

Chunky-knit? Yes. Affordable? Yes. Warm & cozy? Yes and yes. Cruelty free? You know it!

My chunky knit scarf collection is pretty small. Why? Because one or two heavy duty scarves is all you really need. My favorite one (below) is from Etsy, costed less than $20 and the material is 100% plant-based “wool”.

Some nice, soft substitutes to wool include bamboo, hemp, cotton yarn, acrylic, viscose and more. If you want to explore vegan yarn and knit something yourself, check out some amazing options here.

Etsy’s thick, vegan scarves haven’t let me down yet! Check them out here. I absolutely love supporting small businesses and shops.

I feel like almost everything I buy from artisans/small businesses is made with love. So, spread the love.

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