Things I Do Every Day For My Well-being

  1. Stretching session – Much-needed and lasts anywhere from two minutes to an hour.
  2. Oil cleansing – This serves as my daily “spa moment”. You can do it day or night, or both. Check out a YouTube tutorial.
  3. Listen to music – It’d be a sad day for me without some tunes. When in doubt, I Lo-fi it out.
  4. Scalp massage – Sometimes in the shower but sometimes I just let my hair down and ahh.
  5. Take a vitamin
  6. Take a pill for my mental health
  7. Laugh – Sometimes my husband makes me laugh and other times I need to scroll through some animal memes.
  8. Talk to my mom – My oh my, how the tables have turned. Now I’m the annoying one that wants to tell YOU random information every day.
  9. Drink tea or a smoothie – Depending on what’s available, but these two drinks get me in a great mood.
  10. Drink water
  11. Love on my husband
  12. Something active – A walk around the block or a Pilates workout on YouTube totally count.
  13. Feel my emotions
  14. Read or watch something uplifting – Self-help books are my jam.
  15. Eat food that nourishes
  16. Pray

Things that didn’t quite make the list, but maybe one day:

Dry brushing


5 Replies to “Things I Do Every Day For My Well-being”

  • I think we all ought to think what we are doing to keep ourselves sane. Self-care is important. I am introvert and as much as I enjoy my job professionally, the interpersonal demands mean I like to just take some time to sit for a bit when I get home and not talk – just some uninterrupted me time. Though the cats like to sabotage that all the time.. but I do try.

    • Sanna – I completely agree. This is my list but everyone’s self-care acts look different all in an effort to keep sanity. The things on my list help me be positive, too. One day I’ll have cats and playing with my cats will be on my list! Wishing you the best on your journey xx

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